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Photo Policy

To ensure that your photos are approved, please follow these guidelines:
1. No contact information posted in your title or contained in your photo (i.e., email address, phone numbers, etc.).
2. No inappropriate content (i.e., nudity, hand gestures, etc.).
3. No advertisement in your title or photo (i.e., business names, website links, etc.).
4. No references to membership status posted in your title.
5. No copyrighted material (cartoons, illustrations, etc.)

Please Note:
1. Main photo must be a clear image of you alone (i.e. entire body, and/or face).
2. Use your Photo Album to express yourself and your interests. (i.e. pets, vacations, hobbies, etc.).
3. Maximum file size is 5MB
4. We accept the following digital photo file types: JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, GIF